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Selecting and Using Wood

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Without a doubt, the most important part of woodworking is the medium itself: wood. Just about everything on this page covers the ins and outs of working with wood. But what about buying it? Believe it or not, hardwood dealers can be quite intimidating to a first time buyer. These places aren’t exactly like your local home center where the wood is clearly marked with a price and there is a friendly (sometimes) staff waiting to help you. By the way, home center lumber is expensive and there isn’t much selection, so its best to avoid it whenever possible.

lumberthumbSo before you head out to the hardwood dealer, check out these videos:

What to expect on your first trip to a lumber dealer – Video: A Lumbering Feeling
Popular Woodworking – Video: Buying Lumber
Fine Woodworking – Video: From Log to Lumber

An Informed Purchase

Its also very important, when buying lumber, to strategically buy boards that will work perfectly for your project in order to eliminate waste and have the best looking boards in the most visible places. Layout is everything!

The Wood Whisperer – Video: Gadget Station (Laying out rough lumber)
Wood Treks – Video: Layout Rough Boards for Maximum Yield and Beauty
Popular Woodworking – Video: Choosing Project Lumber
Woodworking Online – Video: Selecting Lumber for Great-Looking Projects

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