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In wood, a bevel is an angled cut made at the edge of a board. In tooling, the bevel is the angle at... [Read Full Article]


A small, football-shaped spline used as reinforcement in a joint. The slots in the two mating pieces... [Read Full Article]

Blade Guide

The part of a band saw that keeps the blade tracking true while cutting.  Read More →

Board Foot

A unit of measure for lumber equal to 1″ thick by 12″ wide by 12″ long.  Read More →


A type of warping that causes boards to curl up at their ends.  Read More →

Bridle Joint

A bridle joint is a woodworking joint, similar to a mortise and tenon, in that a tenon is cut on the... [Read Full Article]


A profile, which resembles a board rounded over at each face of one edge.  Read More →


Discoloration left on a board by a dull cutter, blade or bit. Feeding material at an improper rate or... [Read Full Article]

Butt Joint

A butt joint is a joinery technique in which two members are joined by simply butting them together.... [Read Full Article]

New To Woodworking