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Either of the two wide surfaces of a board.  Read More →

Face Glue

Gluing pieces together so their faces are joined.  Read More →

Factory Edge

An edge of a board or sheet good cut at a mill or factory.  Read More →

Feather Board

Power tool accessory used to hold stock next to a fence or guide.  Read More →


 Read More →

Feed Rate

The speed at which stock is moved through a cutter, blade or bit.  Read More →


An adjustable part of a woodworking machine used as a guide to keep stock square to the cutter, blade... [Read Full Article]

Finger Joint

A joint where the lines of the joint resemble interlocked fingers; commonly used in paint grade trim.  Read More →

Flat Sawn

See Plain Sawn  Read More →


The part of a hand held power tool that contacts the surface of the work piece; also called base.  Read More →

French Cleat

See Cleat  Read More →

New To Woodworking