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A vertical rectangular support element that resembles a flat column and projects only slightly from the... [Read Full Article]

Pilot Hole

A hole in a workpiece pre-drilled for a nail or screw. The hole is generally small enough to still allow... [Read Full Article]


See Dovetail….  Read More →


A dark, heavy residue/buildup on cutterheads, blades or router bits after milling resinous wood. This... [Read Full Article]

Plain Sawn

Plain sawn (or flat-sawn) lumber has the growth rings of the tree parallel to the board’s broad... [Read Full Article]


Cylindrical piece of wood used to fill a countersunk hole (typically to cover a screw head). Some plugs... [Read Full Article]

Push Stick

 Read More →

PVA Glue

PVA (Polyvinyl acetate) glues are what most of us know as good old “white glue”. Common... [Read Full Article]

New To Woodworking