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A recess cut into the edge or end of a board into which another piece fits to form a joint.  Read More →


Force exerted that twists the components of a joint in opposite directions.  Read More →


Any horizontal member of a door, window, panel or cabinet frame. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1... [Read Full Article]


Re-cutting dressed lumber to produce two or more thinner pieces.  Read More →

Rift Sawn

Riftsawn lumber is cut with the growth rings anywhere from 30-60 degrees to the face of the board. This... [Read Full Article]

Rip Cut

A cut made in the direction of the grain. This cut is less strenuous than a cross-cut and doesn’t... [Read Full Article]

Riving Knife

A riving knife is a variation of what most US woodworkers know as a splitter. Its stationary blade of... [Read Full Article]

Round Over

A convex shape milled onto the edge or end of a board.  Read More →

New To Woodworking