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A term used to describe something that will most likely be cut, routed, sliced or damaged during a woodworking... [Read Full Article]


Sapwood is the younger, outermost wood of a tree. It is generally considered to be “alive”... [Read Full Article]


The long cylindrical shaft of a bit (usually a router bit). Common shank sizes are 1/4″, 1/2″... [Read Full Article]


The surface of a tenon that is perpendicular and adjacent to the cheek of the tenon. It is also perpendicular... [Read Full Article]

Sliding Dovetail

See Dovetail….  Read More →


A oncave depression found at the leading and/or trailing end of a board after it is passed through a... [Read Full Article]


A form of joint reinforcement commonly used in miter joints as well as butt joints. The spline itself... [Read Full Article]


A stationary blade of metal or plastic that holds the kerf open behind the blade. This prevents the wood... [Read Full Article]

Squeeze Out

Extra adhesive that gets forced out of a joint once clamping pressure is applied. Squeeze out serves... [Read Full Article]


Any vertical member of a door, window, panel or cabinet frame. #gallery-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-4... [Read Full Article]

New To Woodworking