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See Dovetail….  Read More →

Tear Out

Chipping or splintering, usually at the point where a cutter, blade or bit exits the wood. Examples of... [Read Full Article]


See Mortise & Tenon  Read More →


The dimension of a board measured from face to face. Typically expressed in quarters. For example a... [Read Full Article]


The distance between the cutter/blade and the body of a woodworking machine. Can also refer to the depth... [Read Full Article]

Through Dovetail

See Dovetail….  Read More →


Fastening by driving nails at an angle. To drive nails at an angle.  Read More →

Tongue & Groove

A joint where a protruding “tongue” on the edge of one board fits into the recessed groove... [Read Full Article]


A type of warping that causes boards to curl in more than one direction from end to end. [Read Full... [Read Full Article]

New To Woodworking