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Design – Bring Your Ideas to Life

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When starting your first project, its a good idea to follow a plan. This way you can focus on your milling and joinery skills. Eventually though, you are going to want to start designing and planning your own projects. Thinking of the idea is the first part of the challenge, and coming up with a reasonable way to bring that idea to life is the second part. Here are some videos on designing your own projects.

Justifying A Design/Designing “On The Fly”
Designing a Special Leg/Template Construction
Design Justification for the Gadget Station (near the end of the video)

Designing for Modern Woodworkers

Picture 1There’s really nothing like grabbing a pencil and a piece of paper and drawing out your ideas. But wouldn’t it be great if you could have a digital 3D rendering of your projects to analyze and manipulate? Well lucky for us there is a program called Google Sketchup. Its a relatively easy program to learn with a user-friendly interface. Yet its powerful enough to create just about anything you can dream up.

Download Sketchup for Free
Reverse-engineering a table using Sketchup
SketchUp Basics – Trunk Lid Pt. 1
Sketchup Basics – Trunk Lid Pt. 2
Sketchup Basics – Trunk Lid Pt. 3– Top notch beginner tutorials!
Design. Click. Build –
SketchUp Model Gallery in The Wood Whisperer Forum
Popular Woodworking’s Sketchup Gallery

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