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SVFsmall3Once your project is complete, its time to turn your attention to the finish. Don’t let this be an afterthought. Remember that when people see your work, the finish is the first thing they see. So don’t let it be the last thing on your mind. I believe in keeping the finish process as simple as possible. So I created a DVD called “A Simple Varnish Finish”, that is available in our store. It shows you all the tips and tricks you need to know to produce a flawless finish using wiping varnish.

You should also check out these links to videos that cover the topic of finishing:

finishing1Video: Live Finishing Q&A
Video: Pop Goes the Maple– Using dye to get more contrast out of figured woods.
Video: Desert Outdoor Finish – A finish that works great in the hot arid desert.
Video: Coloring Blotchy Woods
Video: A Cut Above Pt. 2– Several methods for finishing a butcher block cutting board.
Article: Cutting Board Finishes
Video: Refinishing Pt. 5– Two of my favorite pore-filling techniques.

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