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Once you have several years of projects under your belt, you’ll have some great examples of successes and failures, good ideas and bad ideas, flaws that turned out to be obvious and flaws that no one will ever see. This experience is invaluable in your growth as a woodworker. I am lucky enough to have access to a number of piece that I’ve built over the years. In this video, I analyze several of these pieces and make some clear observations on what worked, and what didn’t. This was not only a learning experience for me, but it could help you avoid making some of the same mistakes.
The Wood Whisperer – Humble Pie

With all the exotic woods available, its easy to fall in love with the bright vivid colors we see at the lumber dealer. But its important to know that most of these colors will fade and darken in time. Here’s a video where I show some of the more common woods that people prize for their color, and give you a heads up on which ones might just disappoint you a year or two down the line.
The Wood Whisperer – A Colorful Conversation

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New To Woodworking