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Setting Up Shop

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Another big decision you need to make as a new woodworker involves setting up shop and buying tools. There are A LOT of opinions out there on this stuff. You might be wondering, “Should I go all hand tools?” “All power tools?” “A mixture of both?” If you ask me, I say a truly functional workshop is one that incorporates both hand tools AND power tools. The best tool for the job (regardless of power) should be the rule of thumb. Read more


Setting Up Your Tools

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Keeping your tools running smooth will not only yield better results, it will also make your time in the shop safer. One of my earliest frustrations with woodworking came from poor setup. I struggled for weeks with my jointer thinking the problem lied in my technique. In reality, the tables just weren’t aligned properly. I used to hate using bench planes until I took a few passes with a friend’s finely-tuned smoothing plane. What a difference! Learning and improving technique is a million times easier with properly tuned tools.

Setting up Power Tools:

The Wood Whisperer – Video: Tablesaw Setup/Tuneup (Pt. 1)
The Wood Whisperer – Video: Tablesaw Setup/Tuneup (Pt. 2)
The Wood Whisperer – Video: Bandsaw Setup/Tuneup (and cast iron rust prevention)

Setting up Hand Tools:

Woodworking Online – Video: Tuning a Hand Plane for Performance
PhillySawDust – Video: Adjusting Wooden Planes

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