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Setting Up Shop

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Another big decision you need to make as a new woodworker involves setting up shop and buying tools. There are A LOT of opinions out there on this stuff. You might be wondering, “Should I go all hand tools?” “All power tools?” “A mixture of both?” If you ask me, I say a truly functional workshop is one that incorporates both hand tools AND power tools. The best tool for the job (regardless of power) should be the rule of thumb. Read more


Using Hand Tools

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Hand tools are enjoying quite a renaissance amongst woodworkers these days. And for good reason. They can be inexpensive, they’re quiet, and they require no power. Not to mention the romantic notion that hand tools somehow bring you “closer” to the wood. But hand tools do have a slight (and sometimes great) barrier to entry: they require dexterity and practice. But most folks agree that it is well worth the time investment when you see the level of control hand tools can bring to your work. Here are a few interesting and helpful links on various hand tools and techniques that you might find interesting:

Tool Locker

The Wood Whisperer – Video: My Favorite Power Tool Accessory, Hand Tools
The Wood Whisperer – Video: Hand Tool Basics w/ Kaleo Kala
Popular Woodworking – Video: Using a Bench Hook
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Fine Woodworking – Video: The Essential Handplanes
Fine Woodworking – Video – Smoothing Wide Boards with a Handplane
Woodworking Online – Video – Three Handplanes Every Shop Should Have
Wood Treks – Japanese Hand Planes: Characteristics and Basic Use
Wood Treks – Using a Smoothing Plane To Prepare for Finishing
A huge collection of articles on hand tools – Resource: Index of Fossil-Fuel-Friendly Woodworking Knowledge

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