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The Card Scraper

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scraperA card scraper is nothing more than a simple thin sheet of steel, but it can be an incredible asset to any workshop, as it saves you time and money. Card scrapers come in numerous thicknesses to suit your taste and the needs of the project. You can also vary your sharpening technique to create a more or less aggressive edge. Scrapers are great for leveling surfaces, cleaning up glue in corners, and prepping a surface for final finishing. In general, the more you scrape, the less you sand. Sounds great, right? Well unfortunately, sharpening a card scraper can be tricky if you don’t know the proper technique. Once you do, its incredibly fast and easy to get ribbon shavings from your card scraper.

Two Sharpening Methods

The Wood Whisperer – Video: Barely Scraping By
Todd Clippinger – Video: Super Simple Scraper Sharpening

Scraper Use

Fine Woodworking – Video: Using a Card Scraper

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